Eric Claptons' Soldano / Pete Cornish Rig from 1989

GUITAR SYSTEM S/No: 200 All photographs and text copyright by Pete Cornish


JUNE 1989

The Routing System consists of 19 inch Rack Mount Units with a remote control footboard connected via a 16 metre multicore. All the effects bypasses and mutes, preamp muting, preamp channel change, Linear Boost, dry mutes etc. etc. are pre-selected by Lee Dickson via a pin matrix system on the off-stage rack and controlled in real time by Eric using the on-stage remote footboard. The pin matrix (20 X 10) allows the creation of any combination of effects and preamp usage to be controlled by a single footswitch thus with the ten available footswitches (nine on footboard plus one in Wah pedal) ten different combinations of the twenty options can be easily accessed.

Considerable modifications were done by Pete Cornish to the Soldano SLO100 Amps - Crunch, Clean and Lead preamp levels corrected and buffered to suit effects in use - Power amp section isolated to allow separate Master Volume and Linear Boosts to be utilized.


Signal Routing:

2 off Samson BR-3 Wireless receivers S/No:01904 / 01932

Pete Cornish Routing Unit S/No:200A

2 off Receiver Balanced Input with Gain Controls

2 off Auxiliary (Cable) Unbalanced Inputs

Tuner Select (Input 1 or 2)

Lee Dickson’s Tuner Output

Guitar Input Selector

Guitar Gain Selector (6 Way : each +14dB/-12dB)

LED Guitar Level Display

Clean D.I. with Mute

Eric Clapton’s Guitar Tuner Output

Send / Return to Drawmer Tube Compressor (Model 1960) S/No:1138

Send / Return to Preamp section of Soldano SLO 100/88043EC (Modified by Pete Cornish) with mute

Send / Return to Preamp section of Soldano SLO 100/88044EC (Modified by Pete Cornish) with mute

Clean / Lead Control to SLO 100 / 88043EC

Clean / Lead Control to SLO 100 / 88044EC

Preamp D.I. with Mute

Remote / Local Volume Control (Pedal)

Remote / Local Wah-Wah Control (Pedal)

Spare Send / Return (#4)

Output to S/No: 200B

Return from S/No: 200B (Stereo)

Send / Return Roland SDE3000 S/No: 426140 with Bypass

Send / Return TC Spatial Expander S/No:150833 with Bypass (Fitted later in place of Stereo EQ - S/R12)

Stereo / Mono Switch

Master Volume Control

Master Mute (Linked to D.I.s)

Effects D.I. (L)

Effects D.I. (R)

Output to SLO 100 S/No: 88043EC Power Amp

Output to SLO 100 S/No: 88044EC Power Amp

Auxiliary Output (L)

Auxiliary Output (R)

Linear Boost with Bypass (SLO 100 L/R + Aux L/R)

Pete Cornish Routing Unit S/No: 200B

Send / Return to Yamaha SPX90 S/No: 2155 with Mute

Send / Return to Dyna-My-Piano Tri-Stereo Chorus S/No: 3768 with Mute

Send / Return to TC2290 S/No: 512315 with Mute

Send / Return to Dynachord 222 S/No: 13157 with Mute

Spare Send / Return with Mute (#9)

Dry Mute (L)

Dry Mute (R)

Send / Return to Yamaha GEP50 S/No: OMO 1626 with Mute

10 X 20 Pin Matrix

10 off (A-J) Local Switches for FX Selection (Duplicates Footswitches)

Output to S/No: 200A


2 off Marshall Bass 4 X12 Cabs fitted with EV12L Drivers

Power Distribution Unit S/No: 199

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Input Range #1

76 - 134V

Input Range #2

158 - 279V

Output Voltage

117V 0.5%

Output Load

2 X 15A Max